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Overhaul of Memberships


Hello Everyone

I appreciate that the current situation with payments to Members is not good.

The reason that the restiction of 14 days between payments is purely down to the current value of Bitcoin and the fact that we cannot send amounts under 10,000 Satoshi.

So, Over the next 48 hours you will see NEW Memberships appearing in the Store.

I plan to introduce Currency Specific Memberships. That will mean that the current 3 Memberships will remain in place for BITCOIN, until such time that the price drops and they will then go gack to Seven Day periods between payments.

The New Memberships will mirror the current, but there will be Three Perfect Money Memberships and Three Litecoin Memberships.  These new memberships will have Seven Day peiods between payments, but the maximum withdrawals will be half of the Bitcoin maximums.

I hope to have these available in the next day or two.

Have a great day and Stay Safe!!


I like the different Membership tiers!


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