What is the Minimum payment?

Minimum payment for a Standard Member is $0.20

Minimum payment for an Upgraded Member is $0.50

Which Payment Processors can I use?

Standard Members can request Payments using Perfect Money or Payeer.

Upgraded Members can use Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Members should note that when upgrading we will only allow withdrawals using the same Processor as used to Purchase the Upgrade.

Why does my Payment Request not Save?

When Members click on the REQUEST button after completing all fields in the Withdraw box, an Error Message will appear ABOVE the Withdraw Box telling you what is wrong.

The most common reasons are:

  • You have entered the wrong Minimum or Maximum amount.
  • You are requesting a Coin that is not available to you
  • You have not completed the required number of Tasks to allow the withdrawal

Still having trouble? Contact us here.

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